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Art By My Watchers!! Part 1

Sun Aug 26, 2012, 4:49 AM
I have some amazing watchers and I wanted to take time to feature some of their own creative works! Please check out the amazing talent below!! I will feature five deviants every couple days or so. Please take the time to visit them!! :hug:

If you are a watcher of mine and would like a feature, please respond to the journal here A huge thank you!!! And features!:squee: Woke up this morning to find a wonderful gift waiting for me on DA!! My premium membership was on it's last two weeks when I find that an anonymous deviant has given me a three month membership!! :squee: I may not know who you are but I wanted to give you a huge "thank you"!! You have made my day!!!
Thank you a million times!!! :icontardhugplz: :tighthug:
:gallery: Features!!
I have the most amazing watchers!! Thank you so much for all your encouragement and support!! One thing I would like to do in return is to start featuring some of your work! So, if you are a watcher and would like a feature, please comment below!! I will then pick a few of my favorites from your gallery, add them to my favorites (if they aren't already there :) ), and feature them! I will feature a few deviants at a time. PLEASE don't be shy!! Add your names! That's an order!! XD Lol!! :glomp: Thank you so much everyone!!
The artwork on my journal is by the amazing fee-absinthe.
! Please, please, add your name!! I have received such wonderful support and encouragement and this is one small way I can give a little back! :love:

:bulletpurple: :iconendorell-taelos: is an awesome writer and photomanipulator! Not to mention a wonderful encouragement and inspiration around DA! Some of her works include:
Ruins of my Soul by Endorell-Taelos Forever a childHe was something like what nightmares were made of.  It was strange; he once promised her a better life, now that she was no longer a princess. Ever since she was abandoned by her own father and given away to the world to perish alone.   But all he wanted, all he had a taste for was her blood.
She remembered his promise to give her something of a better life in exchange for her blood; he gave her dolls that resembled her own appearance, a bed and food.  But as time went by, night after night of having him bite into the delicate flesh of her neck and wrists, drinking what life she had within her veins, she became more and more ill and then one night, her heart stopped beating as if she gave up on life itself, she never wanted to die much less be in pain without her mother by her side. She was no longer the child she once was.
He had given her life once again though, allowing the child to live.  But in pure darkness, she wasn't like any other
The Marionette Luciana by Endorell-TaelosFrozen in Time by Endorell-TaelosFrom Dust to Dreams by Endorell-TaelosWhen Worlds Collide (PDF) by Endorell-Taelos
The last one is actually a story collab by Endorell-Taelos and mirz333 and it is excellent! I eagerly waited for each piece of the story, but you don't have to. You can read it all now!! :la:

:bulletpurple: :iconfelixuta: is an amazing traditional artist! She is currently accepting point commissions at a very low price! Stop by and visit! Some of her works include:
Ria by FelixutaGeorgie Arsen by FelixutaFrancesca Gracebold by FelixutaGracie by FelixutaHe took it away from me by FelixutaBounded to eternity by Felixuta

:bulletpurple: :iconspadiekitchenqueen: is an intriguing writer! I enjoyed looking through and reading her work!! Some of those works include:
The day afterThe strident beeping sound of the alarm clock woke her up with a start.
With a deep groan, she rolled on her side, hand flailing widly to shut the the annoying thing, only managing to throw it on the floor of her bedroom, still beeping.
Some more frantic search resulted in her hand finally landing on her glasses, and she half slided half fell of her bed, cussing under her breath.
A vengeful punch took care of the annoying clock, and she stumbled on her feet, eyes squinted behind her glasses. The headache wasn't unbearable, but was here nonetheless.
In the bathroom, she spent no time stepping in the shower, lifting her face to the spray, turning the water gradually to cold until she couldn't stand it anymore and emitted a squeal as she shuddered.
Only then did she spare a glance in the mirror, evaluating the damages which were far less than what she had feared. No circles under her barely reddened eyes, and only a faint mark on the side of her face, one that would be easily hidden by so
The last dream"Good morning, students. My name is Azami Fujihara and I will be your genjutsu teacher this year."
Her voice is calm and clear, and she silently congratulates herself on that. She hasn't taught for two years and this bunch of students is unusual: along the usual aspiring gennins are the newcomes or the other villages, some already adults and experimented, here te better assimilate the ways of the village.
"I know that some of you may consider it demeaning to have to start back with the basics. I want you to re consider whatever prejudice you may have about the situation. Every extra bit of training, every extra hour of formation and learning may be the extra edge that will make the difference between loss and victory in the upcoming struggles that we all face. Have you got any questions?"
The class is silent in front of her, Rikki in the front row sparring her a roguish wink.
"We will start with the basics. Genjutsu is the art of illusion, and your best weapon is here" she gently taps

:bulletpurple: :iconinkyrose: is an incredible writer and artist (she designs some amazing gowns!). I am so happy to have met her on here! Some of her works include:
'Acres of Longing' by InkyRose:thumb302970412:The Angel of Music and the Angel of Death by InkyRose'My Dear Snow White' by InkyRoseLucy Wedding Dress Design by InkyRoseLeonora wedding gown design by InkyRose

:bulletpurple: :iconninjafoxsbuddy: is also a writer!! I did not realize how many amazing writer friends I have!! :D Read, read, please!! Some of her works include:
The Legend of Comet, The Star Child..."The stars that look so close together to us are actually so far from one another that friendship and love are impossible. This upset them all greatly and after a long discussion (that only took so long because they were so far away from each other) they decided to create a child that would keep them all company.
The lonely stars had to wait many more years before she was complete but when she was they all loved her immediately. She was kind, a little shy, absolutely sweet, and only wanted to make as many star friends as possible.
She had no name but Daughter or Star Child.
Many thousands of years passed and many stars died and were replaced while the Star Child had to watch.  
'Why, none of my friends are permanent like myself!' And so she started to feel lonely and depressed as well.
It wasn't long before she began to show signs of this longing in her heart for friends as eternal as she.
'Oh, Daughter, why are you so sad?' the stars cried. 'Tell us what to do to make you ha
FFM 2012, 27- My Mother the FaeMy mother stands behind me brushing my long red hair while I watch her reflection with mismatched eyes.
"You're different you know."
A lone tear rolls down my face. "Is it because of my hideous eyes?"
"You're eyes aren't hideous, they're special and unique. Who else can boast of having emerald green and earthy brown eyes?" She sounded almost angry. Or…offended?
'…they say it's like mud…'
"Is it because my hair is so red?"
She began to twist my hair into a long braid but shook her head 'no'. "They are both a part of why you are special but it is not them alone."
She stepped back from me and was suddenly enveloped by a light so bright I had to cover my eyes. When I move my hand away from my face to look at my mother, she'd changed.
There's no more gray in her hair, no lines on her face. Her long, long, red hair is smooth with not a strand out of place and her green eyes suddenly seem sharper, more knowing.
"It's because you're half Fae."
I Lost My FriendMy best friend's been gone a long time. He used to never give me a second for school, chores, or work.
Now- those are the only things I have to do.
Rainbows, love, hardships, and rain- there's not even a shadow now.
I called and cajoled and begged and pleaded...
...yet inspiration still eludes me.
FFM 2012, 26- Once Upon A Time...Every fairy tale starts with 'Once Upon A Time' and ends with 'They All Lived Happily Ever After'.
This does too.
Wolves were common but not ones that big. The new boy was never afraid of it though- I fell in love with that.
Turns out he's the wolf.
And he loved me as well.
FFM 2012, 24- Loves Me NotLoves me not.
I could feel the truth resound through my soul- he was obviously not meant for me.
'..not ready for a relationship....don't want to ruin our friendship..'
Someone sat down beside me and held a petal-less flower out. "Seems we're in the same boat." His smile was infectious.
This'll be different...
FFM 2012, 14- No More Fantasy For MeI had obviously read one too many fantasy books because there was no way that the Cult Priest, and Leader, of the Cult of Arachne had just declared me the next Queen just because a baby spider bigger than my head had crawled into my lap while I sat in the little 'cell cave' that they stuck me in once they found me stumbling around, lost.
Because it's obviously too much trouble to just blindfold me and lead me to an exit.
But wait, it gets even better- now I'm dressed in what I think is a dyed spider silk dress and the men of the cult won't leave me alone. I mean honestly, surely not every man is this cult has the hots for me- that's ridiculous!!
At least Kanu and Treca treat me like a human being, if a very influential one. Kanu is the Head Priest/Leader, you know, the one who proclaimed me to be the new Queen of Arachne. Treca is...his cousin...I think... It's hard to tell when Kanu won't pull his hood back for me to see his face.
Treca says he keeps it covered because t

Please take the time stop by and visit each of these lovely deviants! I had so much fun looking through their galleries!! :dance:
Don't forget to add your name so you can get a feature too!!

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